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Swimming through Valentine’s Day

10 February 2020

Zac Dell and Emma Malcolm
F-Teamers Zac Dell and Emma Malcolm get matchy matchy in the King Parrott and Love Bird prints

While most normal people prepare their chocolates, teddy bears, cheesy I-love-you cards and flowers for Valentine's Day, the most romantic gift a swimmer could wish for is a day off from training. Unfortunately, the rigorous training session planned by coaches for the day are unlikely to be pushed aside just because there's a bit of love in the air. However, that doesn't mean your Valentine's Day spirit can't be alive and well at the pool. Whether you're crushing on a fellow training partner, head over heels for Funky Trunks model and Commonwealth Games bronze medalist, Zac Incerti or Funkita swimwear model, the gorgeous dual Olympian Blair Evans, here are some of our finest pickup lines that might just get your heart rate going during your training session on Friday.

Are you the 400IM? Because you really take my breath away. 

Is there really anyone who is capable of finishing this race without gasping for air? This line is typically more effective than "Are you the 400IM? Because I hate you."

Are you the heat sheet in marshalling? Because I can't help but check you out.

If there is a single swimmer walking the earth that doesn't have to check the marshalling sheet at least twice because they've forgotten their lane or heat at a meet, don't even bother using this line... just marry them. One in a million.

Is your name taper? Because you're everything I've been waiting for.

Nothing speaks love stronger to a fellow swimmer than the most magical time of the year... taper.

Carla Buchanan
Keep your eyes on the black line like F-Teamer Carla Buchanan

Are you the black line? Because I can't take my eyes off of you.

Although if you're looking at your crush more than the black line, there might be a problem.

Are you the flags at the end of the 200 back? Because I've been waiting for you.

To all the backstrokers out there... No greater feeling.

You're like my goggles. Without you, everything is a blur.

The saving grace of all swimmers whether in training or at a competition. With a pair of Funky goggles, you can't go wrong.

Are you a sprint set? Because you've got my heart racing.

That or "You cause so much lactate build up in my body I could throw up." It's up to you.

You're like the smell of chlorine... always with me.

This one might be taken the wrong way depending on your opinion of chlorine. Use with discretion. If you're not a fan of the perpetual chlorine smell, you could grab your mate some Funkita Body or Funky Hunks!

Funky Hunks and Funkita Body
Get rid of that lovely chlorine scent with Funkita Body and Funky Hunks

Are you the lap counter? Because I'm lost without you.

Let's be honest... It is way too easy to forget how many laps you've done in an 800 or 1500 metre event. Can we get an amen for the lap counter?

Good thing I can swim, because I'd drown in your eyes.

I mean that's really what we are training for? Right?

Now if all else fails, there is probably no quicker way to a swimmer's heart than giving them a Funky gift voucher (or bringing them an entire pizza after training). Happy Valentine's Day funkettes.

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