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When a pool swimmer hits the ocean

28 April 2020

Rebecca Creedy

As most pool swimmers find themselves looking dazed and confused staring out to the ocean of what workout they should do. Rebecca Creedy, former Australian Swimming Representative and past Ironwoman Champion has a popular set that will get your heart rate pumping to work off those extra Easter eggs you devoured over Easter. Naughty, naughty.

Ocean session #1 for the lost souls of the pool

1. Short jog consisting of 300m running on the hard sand down and on the soft sand back.

2. Swing and stretch

3. Make a turn can up in the dune to run around. Put a stick in it so u can see it from behind the 'break' in the ocean.

4. Easy swim out the back in the surf. Get the feel and flow of the ocean.

5. Swim 30 strokes past the back break. This is your start and finish point. No cheating!

6. Swim onto the wave, then catch the wave as far as you can. Challenge your breath holds and when you fall off, keep swimming to the beach. Don't stop!

7. Transition straight from swimming to running up around your turning marker you laid out before your session and straight back into another swim out through the break. Keep moving and challenging those breath holds under the breaking waves. Grab the bottom on every 'duck dive' under the waves.

8. Make sure you get big kicks every time you swim between waves to get moving on the turbid water. Continue 30 strokes once you hit clean water. Stop. Take 30sec to 1 min break (or if a killer wave comes ;-) ) and go again. Do this continuously for 6 repetitions.


Rebecca Creedy

Ocean session #2 if you feel like you can keep going...

1. This time we will start at your run marker in the dune which you set up earlier.

2. Run into the surf as before, swim out through the surf and swim 30 strokes behind the break.

3. Turn as if you had a wall and head straight back in. Try and pick up a wave and practice holding your breath for as long as possible.

4. Keep moving until you hit the shore, then swim straight into the shore and run all the way till you hit your turning marker.

Do this 6 times if you can, or until you feel like you have worked off those Easter eggs. Changing between swimming (arms) and running (legs) is great for medley training as well as distances of 200m+.

Challenge your ability to hold your breath under waves. In the surf, it's always faster getting out on the bottom so the more time you can spend under the waves the better!

Feel the burn, love the burn!

Rebecca's Achievements

World Championships 1998 - Bronze 4x 100m
Freestyle Relay Commonwealth Games 1998 - Gold and Commonwealth Games Record in 4 x 100m
Freestyle Relay 1999 Pan Pacific Games - Bronze 100m
Freestyle Silver 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Silver 4 x 100m
Freestyle Medley Relay 2002 Commonwealth Games - Silver 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay

2 x Australian Ironwoman Champion
2017 World Ironwoman Champion
11 years in the professional Nutrigrain Ironwoman series 

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