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A Match Made in Heaven: New Funkitas and new Olympic...

21 March 2019

Boarded Up
Brighten up the lanes in new On The Surface Funkitas like colourful Boarded Up.

Everyone knows that Funkita loves nothing more than launching exciting new prints. But we're making the launch of this mini On The Surface even more special by also announcing the signing of our newest F-Teamer, Olympian Tessa Wallace! For those of you who missed out on your favourite On The Surface Funkitas due to their sell-out success, we're excited to bring you extra prints to tide you over until our next big collection arrives. This new second wave of On The Surface prints includes ice cool Mint Marble, pretty pink Bee Bop, moody Bone Head and more! Check out some of our favourite prints below and then read all about Tessa, our newest Funkita athlete.

Mint Marble
Dual Olympian Blair Evans keeping things cool in Mint Marble Strapped In.
Head First
Our new On The Surface style Twisted is back in Head First!
Bee Bop
Get ready to rock with Bee Bop Funkitas.
Tech Suit
We're buzzed about these new Tech Suit Funkitas!

Tessa joins the F-Team

Olympic swimmer and Commonwealth Games silver medallist Tessa has signed with Funkita! She will be an invaluable addition to the team, bringing experience, success and dedication to our already exceptional list of elite athletes. We can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for her as she sets her sights on Tokyo 2020. We managed to steal some of her limited free time out of the pool to catch up on her racing and plans for the future.

Bone Head
Tessa is poised and ready for a big year of racing with Funkita behind her!

1. When did you start swimming and what got you interested in racing?

I grew up in a house at the Caloundra Aquatic Centre. My dad was a swim coach there so I was in the water from 2 months old. Being a competitive person and growing up in a highly athletic environment got me interested in racing. I was always eager to be faster than the other swimmers, especially my sister. I was also a competitive gymnast until I was 12 so I had to choose between swimming and gymnastics and well... the rest is history!

2. What's your favourite event and why?

200m Breaststroke because it's where I feel most comfortable and in control. I also love the 50m Butterfly, that would be my next best stroke and who doesn't love a sprint!

3. Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I have a green tea for energy as I don't drink coffee. I usually say a mantra before I get up on the blocks to really get me pumping. I need to get nervous to race well. I also always have my hair tied in a tight low bun so my goggle straps can sit on top.

Get a rainbow of colour with Interference Funkitas.

4. When did you become motivated to try and make an Australian team?

From as young as 6 I remember wanting to swim for Australia. Teams from all over the world used to visit Caloundra for training camps and in 2000 the Australian Swim Team used our facilities for their staging camp. Seeing my heroes, and wanting to be like them, was a real turning point for me. I still have the shirt with all their signatures.

5. What has it been like training under your father, John Wallace?

It was incredible to have him as both a dad and a coach, but tricky to navigate at times. We eventually learnt to keep swimming talk at the pool and family talk at home. He coached me to the Olympics and also a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games and I will always be grateful for his help reaching my goals. He's the most passionate coach I have ever seen and undoubtedly one of the best coaches in Australia. I feel so lucky to have been coached by him.

6. How did it feel when you made your first Australian team back in 2010?

I actually raced through trials with a tear in my knee, so it was a relief to qualify for Pan Pacs. It also meant I was one step closer to qualifying for the Commonwealth Games team so I immediately had knee surgery and began my recovery. I was ecstatic after making the team and got my sights set on winning a medal.

7. You have competed at World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. Which was your favourite event and why?

The Olympic Games 2012, because it was such a dream come true. I was the only Australian pool swimmer to walk in the opening ceremony and it was the best decision I ever made! Racing in front of such an electric crowd was mind blowing and it was amazing seeing so many incredible athletes in one space in the athletes' village. Also the food court, don't get me started on the food court!

Boarded Up
Gliding through in Boarded Up Diamond Back Funkitas.

8. What has been your biggest swimming achievement to date?

Winning a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games 2010. I missed beating Leisel Jones by only .2 however I was speechless to win a medal on my first team. The night I qualified for the Olympics is also a moment I will never forget. I had been through a lot, but I refused to give up. When I won from lane 7 I just remember screaming and crying. It was indescribable.

9. What keeps you motivated to keep racing after such a long career?

The dream of winning an Olympic gold is always there and I don't want to finish up with any regrets. I still believe I have the ability to win a medal at 2020. Also I love what I do and racing - it's in my blood!

10. What are your racing goals for 2019?

My goal is to qualify for World Championships 2019 and set up for a great 2020 year. I have a new coach now so I'm doing a whole new program which I think is exciting and new-age.

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