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16 July 2020


There I sit in the corner of your room; tucked away, forgotten and unloved. What happened to all of the good times we had? Our memories together? Did they mean nothing? Without question I've been there for you when you've needed me. Through both the tears and the sweat, you could lean on me as a reliable companion. Then? you replaced me with someone else. You threw me into a box and left me alone.

I am that old Funky cap, towel, pair of goggles and water bottle you used to love. Trust me I have more to offer! Instead of forgetting about me, here's what you can do to honour the good times we've had and make your life a little bit easier.

Swimming Caps

Swimming Caps

After a huge training session your muscles are aching and fatigued. The last thing you need is a battle with the Vegemite or jam jar when you're preparing a post training meal. Use your old Funky swimming cap as a jar opener to give your arms that well-deserved rest.

Don't have jam for breakfast? How about repurposing your caps as a coaster for your morning coffee? I'm sure your bench top will be grateful.

Maybe after your coffee (with that Funky coaster), you realise your shoulders are in need of some TLC. Fill your Funky cap near half full with water and use super glue to seal the opening. Place in the freezer for your own Funky icepack.

For our mature swimmers with children, perhaps you could use that cap as a baby bib. No need to spend any time hand washing, simply wipe down the cap for a brand-new bib every meal.



When dealing with leg soreness, professionals recommend light stretching and elevation. A Funky towel, new or old, can assist you in your recovery:

Roll your towel up and place under your feet for leg elevation when watching television. Use as a stretching tool as a makeshift band.

You could even use your Funky towel when in the kitchen! Place your towel gently over your freshly baked bread or muffins. If anything goes wrong, you've got a quick, colourful tool to turn to when madly wafting the smoke detector? because let's be honest, swimmers are no professional chefs.


Apart from a 400IM, there is no more painful sting than the tears evoked from chopping onions. Use your Funky goggles when dicing for a cry-free caramelised onion.

For our Funkettes (or Funky boys with long hair) a snapped hair-tie at training can be resolved with an old pair of goggles. Remove the rubber ring and use as a makeshift hair-tie.

If long hair isn't a problem, you can utilise the rubber ring as a tie to prevent your phone and laptop chargers from tangling. Tie them together closest to the charger end for a more organised charging station.

Water bottle

Apart from using your old water bottles as a watering can for your herbs and plants or a measuring cup for your kitchen, you may even consider using them as a supply holder for pens, crayons and markers.

Looking for a sustainable way to organise your pantry? Use your bottles as a snack holder or a place to store those last half-bowl servings of cereal that sit messily in packets and open boxes so they don't go stale.

You could also make a DIY planter with your bottle by filling with soil. Use to develop a mini herb garden!

However, probably the most sensible use for an old Funky water bottle is as a money box. Place all of those spare silver and gold coins hanging out in the bottom of your swimming bag to save for some new Funky gear!


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