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Product Information

What is C-Infinity?

C-Infinity is a polyester fabric that is used exclusively in Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear. It has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. It is ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance based swimming. It generates high definition colour results after printing, has exceptional chlorine resistance, excellent elasticity to maintain its shape and offer firm compression, has a soft handle and is quick drying and highly breathable. It also offers 50+ UV sun protection. C-Infinity is a premium polyester that is milled in Italy and if cared for properly will provide excellent use over a prolonged period of time.


Yes, our swimwear range utilises our exclusive C-Infinity fabric which is constructed from a superior quality polyester. The fabric contains no elastane which is the component of elastane-based swimwear that breaks down in chlorinated water.


Yes, our polyester fabric has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50+, which means 97.5 - 98% of UV radiation is blocked by the fabric. In Australia on clear summer days people with unprotected fair skin can receive enough UVR (ultraviolet radiation) to exceed recommended exposure limits and cause a sunburn in about fifteen minutes. If their skin is covered with a garment, the UVR exposure they receive will be significantly reduced. For example, wearing one of our swimwear items that has a UPF rating of 50+ will reduce UVR exposure to the skin beneath the swimwear by a factor of 50. This means it will only allow one fiftieth of the UVR to pass through it.


We tend not to reorder products once they sell out as we like to keep our range regularly updated with new prints and styles. If you’re searching for a particular print the best way to start looking is to the Google the print name and Funkita as this will bring up any stock available from one of our retailers. You can also check our stockists to find a retailer near you. We suggest you call them before visiting to ensure they have the print and style you are after. If you still have no luck, please contact us as we’ll try to help you find the product with our retailers. We also recommend that you sign up to our newsletter so that you get a notification as soon as we release a new collection.


The girls size 14 and ladies size 8 one pieces have similar measurements, however they are made to suit different body types. Essentially a ladies one piece will more likely suit a figure with more developed bust, hips and legs and a longer body length (there is an extra 4cm in length in the Ladies 8 compared to the Girls 14). You will also note that there are stylistic differences between girls and ladies suits for example the Girls Diamond Back has a single bind shoulder strap compared to the Ladies which has a double bind shoulder strap. You can find our size chart here. We suggest using the size chart to determine the best size and base your decision on the body type. A good example of this can be seen on our website, where the girls model wears a girls size 14 and the ladies’s model wears a ladies’ size 10. If you still have further queries please contact us.


Performance suits, race suits or tech suits are an expensive purchase that should only be made after proper consideration about the planned use and the longevity of the suit. Performance suits are only suitable for pool competition swimming because they are made with technical fabrics that undergo specialised treatments to resist water penetration and maintain strong compression around the body. They are very different from regular training swimwear which will survive hours and hours of wear in chlorinated water. Performance suits are only suitable to wear for the shortest time possible on competition day to race in. They are not designed for continual wear nor exposure to chlorinated water. They should be worn very tight in order to maximise the compression around the body. This means they will be uncomfortable to wear and will be difficult to put on and take off. Extreme care needs to be used when putting on and taking off a performance suit. They are highly susceptible to tearing due to the pressure that the fabric is under when on the body.

Due to the above factors it’s important to determine if an expensive performance suit is the right purchase for a swimmer. A young swimmer coming into the sport would be better suited to progress their times through further training rather than investing in a performance suit. They are better suited for swimmers competing at major meets that they have trained throughout the year to race at.

We are more than happy to answer any queries you have about our range of performance suits and the best suit that may fit your requirements.

Product Care


Our swimwear garments are made from a durable polyester fabric however it is important that they are looked after like any garment that you wish to keep for a long time. Here are a few tips:

  • Always rinse your swimwear in clean water, or wash with a mild detergent after every use.
  • Dry your swimwear in the shade as the damaging rays of the sun will deteriorate the fabric quicker. Don’t leave your swimwear rolled in a wet towel all day and expect it to live a long life!
  • Avoid excessive chlorine as high degrees of any chemical will result in bleaching of the colour and will destroy the fabric and garment stitching.
  • Avoid regular spas as the combination of heat and chlorine will deteriorate your swimwear more rapidly.
  • Avoid contact with sunscreens, perfume, deodorant, tanning products and excessive perspiration. These can all cause staining and age your swimwear. The oils in these products can deteriorate elastic so ensure you rinse your swimwear thoroughly after use.
  • Rough surfaces cause snagging and wear-and-tear to your swimwear. If you use a waterslide, lie on concrete, slide off the edge into a pool you will cause pilling of the fabric. If you slide along the footpath in your best Sunday suit it will get damaged and your swimwear is no different.
  • Remove any trapped sand by gently running your fingernail over your swimwear.
  • Do not iron or tumble dry your swimwear.
  • If your swimwear has a drawcord pull the cords together to tighten rather than away from each other, otherwise you may rip the drawcord holes.

How should I care for my underwear?

Although special in every other way you can wash your Funky Trunks Underwear in the same manner as you would the rest of your underwear. If you’ve never washed your underwear here are a few tips:

  • Put them in a warm machine wash
  • Don’t wash with contrast colours or bleach them
  • Use a low heat tumble dry and medium iron
  • If you love them so much you can even dry clean them!


You’ll need plenty of time to fit a performance suit properly. If it’s quick and easy to fit, then the suit is probably too big. Ensure both you and the suit are completely dry as fitting is much more difficult when wet. Ensure you work slowly and don’t use your fingernails. Orientate the suit correctly ensuring that you have the straps at the top of the suit ready to step through the neck opening. Put the suit on one leg at a time. Once you have a foot through, fold up the silicone gripper on the bottom of the leg opening - this will make it easier to pull the suit further up your leg. After getting the suit over one knee, do the same with the other leg. Ensure the seam running down the leg of the suit is sitting in the correct position on the inside of the thigh before pulling up further.

Now work the leg of the suit slowly up your thigh by starting closest to the knee and working up – don’t attempt to pull from the top of the suit. Continue with both legs gradually working the suit higher so that it sits properly in the crotch area. If there is space between the suit and your crotch, it is not fitted correctly on your legs and you must continue to work it higher. Moving the fabric up the back of the legs can help with this. Pull the back of the suit up over your bum and pull up the front of the suit. Ensure you work the fabric as high up as possible around the waist, both at the front and back of the suit, so that the base of the back cutout will sit as high as possible on your back. Continue working the suit up towards your chest area and gently slide one arm through the suit armhole.

Grab a friend and ask them to assist by lifting the strap up towards your ear so you can slide your shoulder through. Avoid pulling the strap out sideways as this will put unnecessary pressure on the suit. Repeat with the other arm and shoulder. Now that both shoulder straps are on, again work the fabric up the front of the suit so that the neck of the suit sits high on the chest, just under your collarbones. The suit should now be firmly in position!


To extend the life of your performance suit it is important to care for it after every use and store it appropriately. Here are a few tips:

  • Rinse in fresh cold water after use and ensure all chlorinated water is removed
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean
  • Only cold hand wash is required
  • Drip dry flat in the shade
  • Store completely dry

Funkita Body

Does Funkita Body do any testing on animals?

NEVER. All testing is conducted happily on our staff and our team of funkettes. Our production process adheres to the standards set by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), an independent Australian organisation that accredits skin, body and toiletry products and is strictly against animal testing.

Is Funkita Body suitable for vegans?

Yes, every product is 100% vegan as no animal derived products are included in any Funkita Body formula.

Do natural ingredients in skin care products really work?

We believe that mother nature provides the best ingredients for simple, healthy formulas that give your skin and body a fresh, healthy kick with every application. We recommend following the directions on all our products and never suggest using Funkita Body to replace any medicated treatment that has been recommended or prescribed by a health professional. Funkita Body works best when it’s a part of your healthy regime of regular exercise, a nutritious diet, sun protection and plenty of fun and laughter.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Only our Body Polish contains wheatgerm oil which is gluten.

Do you have samples?

Unfortunately, we do not have samples for our products to give away. We’ve done our best to make Funkita Body as affordable as possible and we’re confident once you start using it, you’ll fall in love with it!

How should I test if the products are suitable?

Please read the product ingredients and check for anything you may have a known allergy or reaction to. To test if Funkita Body is suitable for you and does not cause any reaction, we suggest to spot test on a small sensitive area of your body first. Leave for 20 minutes before applying further. As Funkita Body is made of simple, natural ingredients it will be perfectly safe for the majority of funkettes but we also recommend a spot test to be sure.

Do your products contain Palm Oil?

No Funkita Body products contain Palm Oil.

What is the shelf life of your products?

There is a 3-year shelf life from date of manufacturing on all our natural products.

Are your products Certified Organic?

No. Though some of our formulas do include organic ingredients.

Are your products safe to use after the best before date?

We cannot guarantee a product’s safety and effectiveness once it’s past its best before date. We can only suggest that you do a spot test and if you do not find any offensive odours and there is no irritation then it may be safe to use.

Do you have an SPF product?

It’s tricky making skin care products that have SPF and are still gentle on your skin. But we know funkettes love to spend heaps of time in the sun and water so stay tuned…

Do you deliver Funkita Body to my country?

We want everyone around the world to have fabulous glowing skin but unfortunately due to import regulations we can’t ship Funkita Body everywhere. We’re working on it but at this stage we aren’t able to ship Funkita Body to the following countries: Sweden, Russian Federation, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Korea, French Guiana, French Southern Territories Please see the Shipping and Delivery section for more details on receiving your products.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club via our secure checkout. We also accept payment via PayPal (for payments outside Australia only).

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

Yes, we can accept credit card payments over the phone if necessary. If you require assistance with using our website to place your order, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +613 9419 8820 or toll free within Australia 1300 85 79 89

How will you deliver my order?

To see all the information about delivery service you can view the Shipping & Delivery section by clicking here.

What is your returns and exchanges policy?

We have a flexible returns policy which you can view in detail in our Returns & Exchanges section by clicking here.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order by email?

Yes. When your order is finalised you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your order. It is important you check your order details and address are correct. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your junk inbox to ensure our email hasn’t been redirected to there instead. If you still haven’t received a confirmation email it means your order has not been successful, so you will need to submit another order.


Are you logged into your account before you make the purchase? Your voucher is only valid for your use so you'll need to be logged into the site before you can apply it. If you are still having issues please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you.


We have a very secure online ordering system which unfortunately will not allow customers to make online purchases in the following scenarios.

- You are currently overseas and trying to purchase online whilst using an Australian credit card
- You are currently overseas, using an overseas credit card and trying to have the items delivered to an Australian address.

If neither of these above scenarios apply to you please contact our customer service team and we will be able to assist you by manually submitting your order and taking payment over the phone. We also accept payment by Paypal for customers outside Australia.


Yes you can shop for both Funky Trunks and Funkita products in one transaction. Proceed with your shopping, add the items you wish to buy from Funky Trunks, then on the top right, click on Funkita and continue to do the same. Once you have completed your shopping simply click on view cart and you should find all your items from Funky Trunks and Funkita together at the checkout.


When you log in to your account, which you can do by clicking here, you will see the loyalty points that you have available. From here you need to convert your points into a voucher so that you can redeem your voucher in the shopping cart. Once you have converted your points, click into the vouchers tab, which is located underneath the loyalty points tab on the left hand side of the page. You will find a unique voucher code listed on this page. Copy the code and proceed through the check out process and paste the voucher code into the voucher field at the check out. Click ‘apply’ before continuing with the purchase for the discount to applied to your order.


You can view our shipping rates by clicking on the Shipping and Delivery section here


Unfortunately there are some countries that we are unable to deliver to. A list of those countries can be found by clicking here

General Information


Since our launch, Funky Trunks and Funkita have relied on the support of competitive swimmers and athletes across Australia and the world to develop into the brands that we are today. From Olympic athletes to age group athletes with Olympic dreams, we passionately believe in providing our support to many of these dedicated, highly motivated and talented athletes in return. That’s why we created the F-Team, a group of athletes that represent the ideals of our brands and are striving to reach the top of their sport. We are always looking for new athletes to join our F-Team! If you are an athlete who competes at a national or international level, please find your sport below and click on the relevant link to complete our sponsorship questionnaire. You must be 13 years or older to be considered for sponsorship and if you are under 18 years of age you will require consent from a parent, guardian or agent. Once we receive your completed questionnaire we will contact you within 2 - 3 weeks.

If you are a pool swimmer please click here to access your questionnaire.

If you are a triathlete please click here to access your questionnaire.

If you are a platform or spring board diver please click here to access your questionnaire.

If you are an open water swimmer or surf life saver please here to access your questionnaire.

If you compete in any other sport not listed above please click here to access your questionnaire.

Is it possible to be fitted for an apex performance suit?

Yes, if you are located within Melbourne, Australia you can arrange an APEX fitting at Funky HQ by giving us a call on 03 9419 8820 or visiting the contact us page. If you are not located in Melbourne please visit our APEX size guide or contact us to help you find a retailer near you.


We are excited to work with companies around the world that are excited to work with us! If you are interested to stock our range of products please click here to complete the registration form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.


YES! We love to make a statement and love it even more when whole teams want to do the same. Whether it’s your club, school or organisation we have a library of prints or plain colours available to match your club colours and individuality with a range of styles to suit men, ladies, boys and girls. We have minimum order quantities which need to be met and production times that you need to consider so please click here for further information and please take a few minutes to submit enter your details so that we can assist with your requirements.


We support many clubs and organisations with their fundraising requirements and run our own charitable projects through the One Funky World Foundation. To submit a request for support please click here to complete a questionnaire providing details about your club or organisation, the event you are holding and how you can promote our support. Once you have submitted the form we will endeavour to provide you a response within 5 business days. Please keep in mind we do get a large number of requests and do our best to assist as many as we can but it is not always possible.


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